What’s Involved in This Study

Eligible participants will receive either weekly assessments or weekly assessments combined with coping skills and coaching. 

Weekly Assessments

  • In-person no-cost evaluation, education, and recommendations
  • Brief online surveys for 5 weeks
  • In-person follow up evaluation and check in at 3 months

Coping Skills and Coaching

  • In-person no-cost evaluation, education, and recommendations
  • 1 individual session to learn new coping skills
  • Weekly coaching calls + brief online surveys for 4 weeks
  • In person follow up evaluation and check in at 3 months

You will be compensated up to $150 in Amazon gift cards for completing surveys each week.

To start the conversation to see if this study would be right for you, please call (206) 543-7850 to speak with study staff.

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